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Nov 6

I like to draw. Last week I bought a few pens from Dick Blick and I found one in particular that I like a lot. The Pilot Fineliner is like a marker but the tip is super fine and it doesn’t bleed. The price of the fineliner is about $1.50 so I ended up going back and buying more. I also picked up some Faber-Castell pens. They are really nice drawing pens too, but there not so cheap. If you like to draw you should try the Pilot Fineliner. I started using them for everything even taking notes in my FORTRAN class.

Oct 26

Pictures from

If you like 8bit music or techno you should take a look at I never really paid attention to any of the music from the old games I used to play. 8bitPeoples is mashing everything up using the old game sounds to make some fun strange music.

Here are a few of the songs I liked:
On Target
Boss Man

Fun times…