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Nov 30

Songbird picture

Songbird is a new Open Source media player. It looks and feels a lot like iTunes but, It has features that make it much better. For example you can right click on your songs and edit the names (id3 tags). That is one feature iTunes should have had a long time ago. Songbird is also designed to be added onto so hopefully it will just keep getting better and follow in the foot steps of Firefox. Go to to download it for yourself and enjoy more freedom while listening to your music.

Nov 9

I few months ago I found a great program for creating techno. It’s called Renoise and you can download it for free for Window, Mac, and Linux. I haven’t had much time use the software but, what I have seen looks amazing. I was able to load in sounds and beats from other software that I own and transform the sounds using filters and other tools available in Renoise. This is a nice program and I am happy to see that it is available on Linux too. It dosen’t look like this program is opensource but, it appears to have a community that contributes to the program.

Check out the site at

Learn how to use Renoise here:

Here is a video I found on Youtube about making trance in Renoise.

There is also a filter that would be great for making 8bit techno.