Nov 6

I like to draw. Last week I bought a few pens from Dick Blick and I found one in particular that I like a lot. The Pilot Fineliner is like a marker but the tip is super fine and it doesn’t bleed. The price of the fineliner is about $1.50 so I ended up going back and buying more. I also picked up some Faber-Castell pens. They are really nice drawing pens too, but there not so cheap. If you like to draw you should try the Pilot Fineliner. I started using them for everything even taking notes in my FORTRAN class.

Oct 26

Pictures from

If you like 8bit music or techno you should take a look at I never really paid attention to any of the music from the old games I used to play. 8bitPeoples is mashing everything up using the old game sounds to make some fun strange music.

Here are a few of the songs I liked:
On Target
Boss Man

Fun times…

Oct 21

Defender logo
I don’t usually pay too much attention to favicons but, I found an awesome one last week. Favicons are special icons used by web sites in order to display a logo in the header bar of web browsers. The favicon that caught my attention was made by Mathieu ‘p01′ Henri. He made a favicon that is actually a 16×16 pixle game made by making javascript continuously update the favicon on the fly. Check out his awesome favicon at:

The directions for how to play this game are on the page that the above link goes to. The favicon is the game.

Aug 30

Back in June of this year I made a fish-eye lens for my Cannon Powershot camera. I made it using a piece of PVC pipe, a peephole for a door, and some foam tape (used to wrap around water pipes).

Here is a picture of it along with some pictures that I took while using it.


Since the peephole is a small tube there is a lot of black space around the picture that needed to be cropped out. The pictures are a lot smaller than the pictures I would get using a store bought fish-eye lens, but a store bought lens would cost over $1,000.

This lens also works for taking video. I found that the black space can be easily cropped out using a program called VirtualDub. VirtualDub is OpenSource so its free and there is a portable version that can be downloaded from