May 13

It has been way too long since my last post so here is a quick list of fun twitter web applications and services. Enjoy! share pictures via twitter get a chart of when you tweet get a graph of your followers $$ interesting idea for making payments with twitter View threaded twitter conversations by twitter status ID tweet scan trends use twitter as a chat room top retweets twitter groups tweets on google maps find local tweeters find local tweeters popular links in tweets twitter news this service attempts to interpret the news through tweets a fun way to visualize tweets alerts by email a way to take a break from tweeters photo sharing service top twitter friends get a shirt with your tweet on it twitter directory (heh) photo sharing service tweet your first tweet group the people you follow on twitter get your twitter ratio twitter grader track twitter usage

I know there are many other twitter services out there, feel free to post any that I missed in the comments.

If all of this seems crazy and you are completely new to twitter this blog post will be helpful to you:

Twitter became useful to me when I added the twitterfox add-on to Firefox. Twhirl and Tweetdeck are a couple other great options for following tweets without always having to go to

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