• I just thought it would be a good idea to have a reference point for ideas and goals.
    I plan on killing a pig to restore my health, then feeling guilty.

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  • Best program for changing the appearance I have found.

  • What kind of program is the server using? Things keep instantly reappearing which is a problem when I'm mining and my entrance closes.

  • I am running the server on Ubuntu. The computer might be kind of slow but I think the problems may be from the game software. I am having trouble connecting today but, minecraft.net seems to be down, so that is probably why.

    That Painterlypack.net looks like a great tool. Thanks!

    I am planning on making a forum section just for minecraft. It won't make a big difference here.

  • I still haven't been able to connect to my server so I will update the server and that should fix it. Hopefully the update will also fix the problems you are having. I will make a backup of the world that we have made so far too.

    Also, I set up a minecraft section on this forum that is set to be private. If anyone would like it to be opened (maybe so that the rss feed will work?) let me know.

  • I was just looking at Notche's blog and I found this info about the blocks regenerating. It's a problems he is trying to fix.

    There are a couple of other tweaks in the next update as well:

    * Fix leaves. Again: DONE
    * Optimize the lighting update slowdowns: STARTED
    * Make players riding carts or boats a long way receive terrain updates: DONE
    * Fix the block re-spawning bug: NOT STARTED
    * Add “pvp” toggle flag to the server settings: NOT STARTED.

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